Cryptography Researcher (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Limassol, Cyprus
Work Type: Full Time
=nil; Foundation has been at the forefront of Ethereum scalability solutions since 2018. With a mission to overcome the Ethereum scalability challenge, the team has been working on cutting-edge products such as =nil;’s native Proof Market, zkLLVM, and Placeholder, combining advanced cryptography, zero-knowledge technology, and database management systems.

Now we are looking for an experienced Cryptographer, who has an experience or a strong interest in developing zkProof systems.


- Developing cryptography algorithms design including proof system design.
- Design circuits for protocols’ state proofs for a proof system.
- Academic writing.
- Security analysis.
- Research other solutions related to proof-system\circuits\other cryptography tasks.


- MS with major in Applied Math or equivalent experience.
- Deep expertise in cryptographic algorithms and primitives.
- Peer-reviewed publications in cryptography, distributed systems, proof systems.
- Understanding or experience in ZK proof techniques (for example, Groth16, Plonk, STARKs, Marlin).
- The language is English, so you’re supposed to be at least B2 level.

As part of our hiring process, one of the key stages involves completing a test assignment. You can familiarize yourself with it by following this link

Should you be interested, you are welcome to undertake this task and submit the link to your completed assignment along with your application. Alternatively, you may respond with your resume and opt to commence the assignment after engaging with our team.


Apply to discuss your benefit package, including health insurance, language courses, relocation support or other care the company may provide.

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