Lead Backend Developer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

=nil; Foundation has been at the forefront of Ethereum scalability solutions since 2018. With a mission to overcome the Ethereum scalability challenge, the team has been working on cutting-edge products such as =nil;’s native Proof Market, zkLLVM, and Placeholder, combining advanced cryptography, zero-knowledge technology, and database management systems.

As a Lead Backend Developer, you will lead the development on communication modules between layer-2 solution and Ethereum using Golang.
You will connect a set of cutting-edge solutions together: sharded blockchain, zk-proofs, Ethereum smart contacts, L1<>L2 composability protocol.


  • Develop and maintain high-quality server-side systems.
  • Actively maintain and optimize these systems in production, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
  • Implement CI/CD processes.
  • Collaborate with team members for seamless integration of developed modules with validator node and smart contracts.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot issues in production environments.
  • Understand and review codebase of validator nodes to ensure compatibility and performance.


  • Proficiency in backend programming and server-side development (C++/C#/Rust, Python).
  • Willingness and readiness to transition to Golang as the primary programming language.
  • Familiarity with blockchain and decentralized systems technologies.
  • Experience with maintaining code in production environments.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD practices, containerization (e.g., Docker), and cloud services.
  • 5+ years of related experience.
  • The language is English, so you’re supposed to be at least B2 level.

As a plus

  • BS+ with a major in Computer Science, Applied Math, or related field.
  • Knowledge of database internals such as MVCC, commit logs, query optimization, index structures and others.


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